3 Basic Tips to Construct the Ideal Wardrobe for Your Space Maximisation;


Wardrobes are fixed and unchangeable parts of your bedroom, especially if they are in-built ( walk in closets ) hence, it’s necessary to ensure that your closet is space efficient from the time of its construction itself.

Ideal Size for Wardrobe


The ideal size for a space efficient wardrobe is 7-8feet long. Shapes and designs vary according to your requirements; for example, if you require a high amount of storage, opt for those with a loft. If you’d like to opt for a sliding one, you’ll have to compromise on the loft as a sliding space cannot take the weight of a loft.

Ideal Interior Accessories to Invest In

shelves drawers

The interiors of your closet are just as crucial as the exteriors; it’s imperative to utilise every corner of your space for perfect management.

You may opt for installing sliding racks; for shoes or sarees, etc.

You can also invest in compartmentalised drawers that segregate between your accessories like watches or ties.

Finishing Touches To Your Wardrobe

shelves drawers 1

You can choose between a number of finishes for your closet; laminate, acrylic, aluminium with glass, UV, etc. The finishing would be dependent on your budget, these materials differ in cost so choose your pick according to your budget!

Closet Renovation is a great task in itself, so make sure to browse and plan before you get into it!

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