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Lastly, but definitely not the least, just sit back and relax while we curate your LitupSpace. Watch your vision unfold into Reality.

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Home Renovation

Renovation is one of the easiest ways to kindle a new sense of glam into your living space. Accustomed to seeing your home looking a particular way? No worries, just head over to LitupSpace and watch us redecorate in accordance to your style and preference. 

Your house proves to be your personal space of solace and comfort. Investing in the renovation of your house is equivalent to directly investing in your peace of mind!

We Provide End to End Home Renovation Services, whether it’s an entire room that needs upgradations or small aspects of it that you’d like to change, we’re here to make it happen.

Trust our skills to reinvent your living space. 

Sofa Restoration

Are you tired of seeing your couch looking battered, bruised, and appearing as though it’s been beaten?! Just because we live hectic lives it doesn’t mean our couches should reflect the same.

Come down to LitupSpace and rekindle life into your favorite sofas. We specialize in upholstery repair and furniture repair. We particularly cater to sofa repair services. Save your couch instead of disposing it and purchasing a new one. Redoing your couch would do the globe much more benefit than investing in a new one.

Renovate, Redecorate, and Reignite life into your furniture. Minimal prices and optimal quality, sounds good?

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Kitchen Renovation

Renovations of kitchens are vital to adding all kinds of value to your house.

The addition of new appliances, cabinetry, flooring, and cooking accessories will ensure that your kitchen’s standards match that of a modern design, this will not only improve the ambiance of the cooking space but will also enable optimal usage of your layout.

Often, we remain oblivious to the fact that we are using appliances that have been running for too long, and doing so exposes us to the risk of getting injured. Renovation ensures that appliances are up to date and match safety standards, thereby making sure you’re protected whilst cooking.

Fitting the latest energy- saving models of appliances is not a wallet-friendly perk, but is also ecologically viable.

Bathroom Renovation

Bathroom renovation remains to be a significant aspect of home remodeling; it is an area of the house which requires the most sanitation, and this can only come from regularly updating the appliances being utilized. Bathroom renovation should be done because; Nowadays, bathroom renovation includes the feature of adding functional features to add to the convenience of your shower space. These features include; shower screens, non-slip flooring, etc.

Whilst renovating a bathroom, you may choose to implement smart bathroom designs to your idea. Rapid technological advancements have made it easier to incorporate smart home element designs, these add to the value of your bathroom whilst also assisting you save on your water and heating bills. Bathrooms should also be renovated to fix underlying dilemmas and to avoid the risks of water relevant bacteria and hazards. Often, old bathtubs and showers develop leakages over the years, leading to a wastage of water alongside a breeding environment for mold and dirt.

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Hotel Restoration

LitupSpace stands tall as an adept hotel renovation company; we have been termed as one of most proficient hotel renovation contractors. Hotel renovation remains to be a pertinent task when it comes to ensuring that your property meets the dynamic market standards, and remains to be a customer favorite. Updating interiors, addition of new furniture, and regulating the periodic maintenance is an imperative way to ensure your brand remains at the top, and challenges the competition.

Hotel renovation consists of many requirements; however, these can be filtered according to the priority at hand; either the hotel can be renovated completely or smaller aspects can be catered to according to the necessity. If working with an all-round project, LitupSpace renovates every minor aspect in order to give your hotel a fresh and new look. There is no set guideline stating the regularity of renovation, but if you feel as though you could use a fresh surrounding for your hotel, head over to LitupSpace now.

Office Renovation

Corporate Renovation is as crucial as house renovation. Investing in the improvement of your work space is beyond worth it as it rewards not only you and your business, but also your employees. Office renovation kindles a new sense of commitment to tasks and also makes employees feel more at home to their surroundings. This improves upon creativity, which leads to more profitable outcomes of business.

Employee satisfaction is crucial for beneficial output; investing in this aspect inevitably reaps profitable outcomes.

Office spaces need to be up to the mark for future requirements; Office buildings need to be “healthy and green “, thereby meeting environmentally friendly standards and incorporating employee wellness initiatives into the renovation ideas.

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Other Renovation

Renovation is an indispensable activity when it comes to elevating your standard of living. It is of many types, and each of them is equally significant and rewarding.

LitupSpace also caters to the up-gradation to modular kitchens, and also the addition of new furniture. A kitchen could be renovated in order to boost the resale value or simply to enhance your cooking space. Bathrooms should be renovated as they require the most sanitation, and this can only come from regularly updating the fixtures and fittings being utilized. 

All of these costs vary according to the requirement but LitupSpace will definitely help you save!
Though distinguished, each of these types of renovations is equally pivotal for a healthy change and to curate a dynamically adaptive environment.

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