3 Basic Renovation Designs to Avoid!

Renovation designs are an exceptionally beneficial aspect of interior design which serves to be appealing to see, and also appealing to live within when done correctly.
However, there are certain aspects of renovation designs which do not coordinate with the space at hand, and thereby diminish the visible appeal of a house, rather than enhancing upon it.

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Here are some of the Renovation Designs to Avoid!

Using Huge Furniture in a Small Room – Using bulky and large furniture within a small room makes the space appear even smaller, and quite crammed up. Though antique bulky furniture gives off a rich vibe while processing renovation designs, it should be used cautiously so as to avoid further diminishing a small room.

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Not putting enough light within the area – When the light within a space is insufficient, the room appears to be darker; inevitably, and smaller than it actually is. If you have a big window within your house, then you’re good to go! In case you do not, you can always suffice with artificial lighting. Ceiling lights, table lights, fairy lights, chandeliers, or even a combination of all the lights you like! Coordinate the colour of the light with the colour of your walls, and be ready to glam up your space with sufficient lighting! This is a small aspect, but plays a huge role in renovation designs.

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Placing too many shades within the same space –
Overloading a small space with a number of shades can make the room appear to be tiny and excessively cramped up. An uniform shade looks sophisticated, cleaner, and makes the room appear bigger too! While contemplating renovation designs, you should opt for neutral shades or white colours, or you can even add an accent wall to amp up your living space!

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