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6 Basic Designs for Great Kitchen Layout!


Whilst designing a kitchen, there are many factors that need to be taken under consideration. The ergonomics of them are vital to accommodate in order to have a cooking space that is viable for daily use, and meets all standards of necessary comfort. 

Regardless of whether your space is small or large in size, a well thought out kitchen layout will ensure that you utilize the most of your given space effectively. 

Multiple aspects affect the comfortability of a cooking and dining space. While cooking, you will require enough space for movement, placement of all your crockery and appliances, and ease of application. 

Here are some of the basic cooking ergonomic requirements that go into the design of a perfect space. 

Before we begin, let’s talk a little about ergonomics! 

Ergonomics refers to the science practice of designing the working space in accordance to the individuals that will utilise it, not vice versa. Ergonomic design caters to customer appeal rather than having them to adapt their behaviour with respect to the given space. 

Whilst designing kitchens, it is essential to keep the

 “ Work Triangle “ as an effective measure of efficiency within your workspace. This work triangle devises a clear space between the area for the preparation of food, the cleaning zone ( sink ) and the food storage area. 

The work triangle consists of numerous measurement dynamics which must be followed in order to achieve a perfect layout! If you’re keen on an end to end dimension and are an individual with a design OCD then you may opt to implement all these dynamics within the layout. 

Apart from The Work Triangle in general, there are a number of diverse kitchen design layouts which have been popularised over the years. 

A common design found in households is called the “ One Wall Kitchen “; this consists of a single wall which is home to numerous cabinets and storage spaces. This design is suitable for small kitchens and works well to utilise a single wall’s space to the fullest. 

Next, There is the Gallery. This consists of two walls facing each other with cabinets lined up on either sides, the walls create a walkway in between and the storage is adjacent on both ways. This design also maximizes storage space while ensuring an effective layout. 


There is the L shaped, which is perpendicular and has cabinets lined at a 90 degree angle. This is all practical design. Another alphabetical design is termed as the U shaped kitchen which has cabinets lined up on 3 walls of the space. 

A modern design for kitchens is the Island kitchen. This design gives off sophisticated vibes whilst also being particularly elegant. This layout consists of a single workspace in the middle of the kitchen, and cabinets surrounding it. It must be kept in mind that this design requires a comparatively larger kitchen space to work.  


Lastly, there is the Peninsula . The peninsula has a kitchen counter that comes out from a cabinet or wall. This is excellent for utilising space, and also having a perfect cooking vibe! 

If you’ve gathered enough inspiration for your remodel, head over to LitupSpace now and implement your ideas. 

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