5 Basic and Important Diwali Decor Ideas to Light Up Your Space and Life

Diwali Decor Ideas are a priority for you, right now! Family, food, lights and crackers. The biggest festival of India is on its way and it’s going to be bigger than ever. Diwali has always been special in our country but this year it happens to carry that extra magic after being locked indoors for so long. For this festive season, here are the top 5 Diwali Decor ideas to light up your space and your life alike!

Diwali Decor Ideas Within Your Home.


The main beacon of the festive culture in India, lamps have an unmatched aesthetic when it comes to lighting a space or house in a traditional manner. They’ve lit up homes, temples and palaces for millennia and can continue to do so. Something about the shape of the earthen lamp and bright flame give us that warmth that we want on Diwali, just the diwali decor we duly desire.

LED lights

Another bonus diwali decor ideas is If you’ve had an unfortunate experience with oil lamps, LED lights are the near perfect substitute for them. With the added bonus of creating lighting patterns and designs, LED lights are cost efficient and easy to install. They have a high output and do pretty much the same thing that an oil lamp does, just a bit more trendy and less traditional.


Another favourite in the diwali decorations, candles are widely used for their ease and time efficiency. If you haven’t bought lights or Lamps, candles are an excellent alternative to make use of.


Interior lighting

How to Make LED Lights: Step by Step DIY LED Light Guide

If you don’t want to use any of the above mentioned objects to light up for house for Diwali, making use of your home lights can suffice as well. Making use of yellow to other warm colors can be effective to making your house look festive.

LED lamps

image 1

A perfect mixture between traditional and inventive, LED lamps are widely being used in today’s festivals. This is mainly because you can rely on your lighting to look traditional while being safe and easy to use.

We Hope You’ve Gathered Enough Inspiration for Your Diwali Interior Decor!

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