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3 Aspects to Avoid while Renovating a Small House!

Whilst renovating a small house, you must be cautious of how you renovate because the floor space is limited and hence you must utilize it in depth!

Renovating a Small House

Lucky for you, we have some tips for you to consider while renovating a small house!

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Avoid too much decorative activity – While renovating a small house, you must be careful not to over decorate your walls, as this has a diminishing effect on the space available within your household. Too much art and home decor can make the space appear to be filled unnecessarily.

Do not Push Furniture Against The Wall While Renovating a Small House – It is commonly believed that pushing furniture against the wall creates more walking and living space within your home, expert designers claim that this in fact has the contrary effect on your household; it creates a misleading illusion of a smaller space. To avoid falling into this illusion, just remember to keep two to three inches of a gap between the walls and your furniture. This will make it seem like your room is larger!

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Not Putting Curtains on Your Windows – Though these tips may seem arbitrary, they are known to have an impact whilst renovating a small house. Uncovered windows not only appear to be unappealing, but they also have a drastic impact on how the size of your room appears to be! Long flowy curtains not only seem elegant and sophisticated in nature, but they also optimally enhance upon the height of your room. You can also choose from a multitude of curtain designs! Opting for light fabrics and colours and choosing pastel colours gives the room a calm vibe, and radiates a sense of solace. You can also opt for rich thick material embroidered curtains to give the room a royal aura!

Renovating a Small House

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