Designed For Style

Renovation at your doorstep
in Bangalore

Designed For Style

Renovation at your doorstep

Welcome to Litup Space

We are specialist in restoration of sofa and renovation of your kitchen and bathroom.

Litup Space is a platform dedicated to providing the best renovation and restoration services to our customers. We pride ourselves on being esteemed providers of renovation and restoration services of interiors and furniture.

Our vision is to serve our clients in a manner that matches their innovation perfectly, appeals to their aesthetic perception and impacts the environment in a minimal manner. Proficiency, perfection, and pragmatism. These are the mantras of success we cling onto, and abide by.

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Our Services

Are You In Need of Customized Services?
Well, you’ve landed in the right place!

Our designers at LitupSpace will work with you in order to comprehend your customized idea, and replicate it in reality.
Wallet-friendly, modern, and appealing.
What more could you possibly ask for!

Why Choose LitupSpace?

One Stop Solution
Be it restoration or renovation, we have you covered. Not only do we undertake all inclusive projects, we also cater to individual service requirements. So even if you only require trivial changes, you know who to approach.
12 Month Warrantly
Our services reflect upon quality in itself, however we also prepared to claim accountability for any lack on our part. We provide a 12-month warranty window to cover for any immediate changes or resolutions to be made.
Uncompromised Aesthetics
Litup Space will fabricate your surroundings exactly how you like and will make sure that aesthetics is in place, so that your idea is as appealing in reality as it seemed in your vision.
Environmental Protection
Litup Space fits the latest energy-saving models of appliances, fixtures and fittings. This is not only a wallet-friendly perk, but is also ecologically viable.
Optimal Space Utilization
The addition of new appliances, fixtures, fittings, flooring, and accessories will ensure that your room’s standards match that of a modern design, this will not only improve the ambience of the living / working space, but will also increase your storage, thereby enabling optimal usage of your layout.
Experienced Designers & Architects
Our designers are well versed with interior design and tasks of renovation. Our services and output have great attention to detail, as well as a phenomenal finishing touch.
No Hidden Costs
We ensure to plan your service in accordance with your budgets. All details are discussed prior to task execution and all costs are explained beforehand, thereby eliminating the possibility of hidden costs and misleading numbers.
Guaranteed Price & Quality
Your prices remain constant once decided upon, and your quality remains uncompromised. We do not budge from our standards of quality. Once we promise, we deliver.
Zero Cost EMI
Well, this one’s quite self explanatory.
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